Friday, March 23, 2007

We Like Kass

This is Kass. Kass has beautiful red hair and a sparkling personality and enjoys long walks on the beach. And as you can see by the photo, Kass is ready to party! =) Though her real birthday was Wednesday the 21st, Kass and her crew of Canadian cohorts will be ringing in her 23rd year in style somewhere in Vancouver this evening, and I wanted to take this opportunity to say an official HAPPY BIRTHDAY since I am not there to join in the festivities. =/ Hang on... Rocky? Rocky the undisputed Cutest Dog in the World? Rocky, how did you learn how to use a cell phone? What's that? Kass is stuck in the well? No! You want to write a birthday poem to Kass! And you want me to post it here? Okay...

Rocky like Kass
Because she is pretty,
But Kass like me better
If I were a kitty.

She likes to read news
Like People and In Touch,
But Kass lives in Canadia
So Rocky don't see her much.

When Rocky has garbage
He puts it in the receptacle,
If Kass not come see me soon
It is "Unasseptable!"

So big happy birthday
Now you are twenty-three,
A big puppy hug to you
But now Rocky have to pee.

The End

P.S. Rocky also like birthday cake.


Kass said...

Awweee!!! THANKS ROCKY AND NOODLES!! I miss you both! (Not so much Gordon, I mean, jeez, he was annoying ;)

Rockford L'Dog said...

You're welcome, Kass! And thank you Aunt Sarah for typing for me! Hugs to Uncle Gordon. I miss him! And I think so does Aunt Sarah. (but it's a secret...shhhhh)

Sarah said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Rocky, I can't believe you got a gmail account! =) And you can type in italics and everything! You know, I always knew you were smart even though you bark at the dryer...and at thunder...and at movies where they use SONAR equipment... ;)

Gordon Simpson said...

*sniff* well, thank you Rocky, I always knew you had taste (and latent computer-using potential).

Sarah said...

I miss all of you!!! Kass, Rocky, Gordon... I so lonely!!! Wah, wah... Sorry to miss your partyfiesta, Kass, but must work so I can afford plane tickets to see all of you again in the future! Hope it was fantastic! (And we need haircut pictures!)