Monday, March 12, 2007

Tot Henge

Tater Tots. You know where they probably don't have Tater Tots? England. And that's where Gordon is going tomorrow. At 19:30. And though I shall join him there in early May, I find myself quite saddened by his impending departure. In an effort to console myself I have built a henge. Of tots. Here it is.


Andy said...

We don't have tater tots Sarah, 'tis true. But we do have Tesco and they do lots of potato-based products for you to and Gordon to discover together.

And there's me! Loving your blog... Photos please!


Sarah said...

Oooh... Gordon and I looove potato-based products! =) And you, of course. =) Not necessarily in that order. =)

Barbara said...

My baby is a crazy baby!!!

WE have tater tots in Atlanta! (wink, wink)