Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Path To ?

Whilst wandering through the new Olympic Sculpture Park with Gordon, Cupcake, and Paul a couple of weekends back, I stumbled across this lovely sign. It wanted to have it's picture taken and I happily obliged, but it seemed as if there were something more it wanted to say- more words it wanted to express- but someone did not want that to happen. Why would the good people of the park want to censor such a nice little sign? What could it mean? What is under your tape, sign?! What were you trying to thank us for that someone decided was not suitable for the eyes of the young or the faint of heart? Thank you for staying on the path of least resistance, you lazy lima beans? Or thank you for staying on the path of righteousness; you are going to heaven and all of the angels will sing to you? Thank you for staying on the Path of the Fury so you could catch those space pirates and get your revenge on them? What else could it possibly be? Any ideas?


Barbara said...

It's hard for me (being the mother of someone who ALWAYS wore mismatched socks and mismatched Converse shoes) to believe that you were even on the path to see the sign! ;)

Sarah said...

Hey! I have always been on the Sarah Path! =) Although at times it seems like the path of MOST resistance, it's also the path where you get to paint your fingernails rainbow and travel all over the place and go to college for ten years (plus) if you want to! =) Anyhow, maybe that sign was on MY path, not on the established, common path! ;)

Rockford L'Dog said...

Mommy didn't say that to be mean! She love her one-of-a-kind daughter. Almost as much as she love me! (hehehe)