Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sheep Are Very Fluffy

I feel as if my last two posts have been just the teensiest bit on the gloomy side, what with all of the whining about Gordon's return to the Isles... But I am not one to be forlorn for long! I have decided it is time to get ahold of myself, stop all of this whinging (see how I'm already British?), and focus my energy on something fluffy. And as you may already know, sheep are VERY fluffy. =) Here is a link to a most adorable (and yet quite informative) video about sheep! Watch it! =)


Kass said...

& noodles are very noodley!

Gordon Simpson said...

I found out that the phrase box of fluffies is in fact of Kiwi origin:

Box of Birds, Box of Bees or even more colloquially "Box of Fluffies" or "Box of Fluffy Ducks" - Meaning to feel very good, chirping even. "How are you feeling?" "Oh, a Box of Birds"

Sarah said...

Those wacky kiwis! Anyhow, I don't care what language they speak in New Zealand, if they're gonna be here they should learn to speak English! :o