Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blog, Blog, Blog

Once upon a time in a land far, far away (and in a city quite noticeably more interested in recycling and juices not from concentrate) I started a blog. I wrote at least a couple of times a week- sometimes twice in one night, sharing stories about my life and links to videos about sheep. Those were the days, my friends. Now, as my young life flies by, my days filled with cooking, cycling, shopping, international travel, and eating crumpets, my priorities seem to have shifted. My zeal for communicating with the vast array of people who once flocked (in twos and threes!) to read my very important musings seems to have diminished inexplicably. Wherefore art thou diminished, zeal?! One would think that a state of unemployment would perhaps allow for more time to compose and expect to see a flourishing blog. And yet no. I have not worked a day since the end of April, and still my blog fields lay fallow! Disgraceful! :o So, in an effort to reestablish good relations with the throngs of readers (i.e. my mom), I offer an assurance that I shall try to be more consistent. Anything more and we'd all be disappointed in me when I didn't follow through. =/ Soooo... an update. This minute I sit downloading every song I have ever wanted (JJ Fad, Whodini, Falco anyone?) on my mom's computer in Atlanta. I am taking a much-needed (and yet somehow very tiring) break from last-minute preparations for her upcoming nuptials, which take place two days from today! Very much looking forward to a fantastic party- mom's wearing a sassy red dress, cousin Jodi is cooking up a mean Italian feast, and the venue is Le Moulin Rouge at Paris on Ponce. Fabulous. =) I return to the UK on the 26th, whereupon I shall present my shiny, new work visa and begin the fun, fun process of finding a job for which I qualify. Looking for something that will allow me to keep weekends off for wacky adventures with my dashing kiwi gentleman friend- very important, as many of these weekend jaunts have already been booked and paid for (in a pretty nonrefundable kind of way)... So, I leave you now with pictures of the countryside- okay, really just a few miles away from our flat! There's a ten-mile bike path around Nottingham which takes you to some very green and pretty areas alongside the canal and the river Trent. Midway around you can pop off the path and explore Attenborough Nature Centre, which we did. Even saw some sheep! A lovely day. =) More lovely days and lovely blogs about them to come. =)