Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Elvis Has Left The Building

In other words, Gordon has left the continent. I have recruited Rocky, the undisputed Cutest Dog in the World, to use his puppy dog eyes to try to express the sadness that I feel about Gordon's departure. I would never be so sappy as to compose an ode to Gordon to be viewed by the masses, but Rocky, the undisputed Cutest Dog in the World, feels he must be heard. He has put his paw down, and I must respect his wishes or he will lick me to death in my sleep when I get to Atlanta. He calls this piece "Ode to That Tall Guy that Came to Visit For a While This Summer."
Roses are red,
Violets are blue;
Don't go to UK,
'Cuz Rocky will miss you.
Roses are red,
Il Ponte Vecchio is Florentine;
Rocky come visit you,
But Rocky don't like quarantine.
Roses are red,
English food is terrible;
You should go back to Seattle,
Because Aunt Sarah is so sad she has lost her ability to accurately interpret and transcribe my brilliant doggie poetry and I fear my vision and my credibility as an artist are threatened. And English food really is terrible.
The End


Barbara said...

I daren't read the ode to Rockford...that last stanza might make him leap to the keyboard and attempt his own version/corrections. It won't be pretty, I tell you...his fingers don't spread across the keys properly and then there's the missing thumbs, but he thinks if Stephen Hawking can write without using his fingers, why can't Rocky? Hmmm...

Sarah said...

How DOES Stephen Hawking type? I was curious. If you are curious, too, check out this link.


I think S.H. does have a slight advantage in that his arms are longer than Rocky's, but I really feel like Rocky has just as much to say, and his determination to express himself might result in super-canine feats. Or is that feets? =)

Andy said...

HEY! Sure, if you eat potato croquettes at the Digby Stuart canteen for six weeks english food is terrible but we have plenty of nice eateries if you know where you're going...

I ate a VERY nice belgian meal in South Kensington last night. I did have to remortgage my flat and sell my body on craigslist to fund it, but it was yummy.

Sarah said...

Andy, I did fear that you might take offense at that food comment, but Rocky insisted, so I let it slide. He's very persuasive. But I know where to go, thanks to a little help from my Chiswick social advisors, and have also had a lovely meal or two outside the hallowed halls of Digby Stuart... (BTW, they have Nando's in Canada!!)

Andy said...

They have Nandos in Canada? Why the hell are you moving HERE then! Oh love a Nandos... I might go and get some peri peri chicken now.

Sarah said...

Oh, and by the way, Andy, those potato "croquettes" as you call them (we generally went with "potato balls") were actually the best thing they served at Digby Stuart besides Archer's! =)