Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Game Night - Guest Blog by Jo!

This is Jo. She is one of my most favouritest people in all of England. =) She served as my cultural ambassador there, makes the best chocolate cake EVER, and knows where all of the good Chinese takeaways are. She is cute and small and a little bit nerdy. These important qualities contributed to the decision to invite her to do a guest blog. Here is what she had to say, unabridged and unedited, save for anything written in purple, which I may have added myself...

Last night (actually 9th December- Sarah is a little bit behind) at about (exactly) 7pm (on the dot- I am quite punctual) I went round to Sarah and Gordon’s extremely cute little flat for ‘Games Night’. With me I had Cranium, lots of energy, some melted chocolate, the killer instinct of a true board games champion, and some fruit to do chocolate fondue. I arrived right on time, which I think in lovely Sarah’s world (La La Land?) is too early, as she hadn’t properly woken up from her afternoon sleep when I got there. Sperm whales are nasty, horrible, hateful creatures. I met Sarah and Gordon's other fantastic friends in Nottingham- Kate and Craig, who got married only 7 weeks ago! (Congratulations!) We debated for a while on the best way to select teams for Cranium. First we followed Sarah’s brilliant suggestion of drawing straws (or in this case celery sticks) and going on the length of the sticks to pick teams. Unfortunately this didn’t work because neat freak that she is (humph!) Sarah had managed to cut all of he celery sticks almost exactly the same length, which requires a great amount of skill and I think her efforts should be applauded. Well done, Sarah! Well done! In the end I wrote names down on paper and we picked teams from that. I ended up on a team with Sarah's cute boyfriend Gordon while charming Sarah, Kate and Craig were on a team together. (It was all going according to plan...) We hadn’t been playing for long when Adrian (yo, Adrian!) from our office came over. Adrian is from Barbados and has a really cute accent and seven arms and a pegleg and is also really tall (6ft 2). Adrian joined the team with Gordon and I (thwarting my efforts to use my feminine wiles to steal Gordon away from Sarah while we were alone on a team together- curses!) and we went on to come second place in Cranium- not that much of an achievement given the fact that there were only 2 teams (but I have an excellent attitude. Let's just say we were runners up for first place). We had an interesting (read: very quiet) round when Sarah got the Cranium task of doing an impression of a British celebrity – Cilla Black – who she had never heard of! She had heard of Cillit Bang, but apparently they're not the same thing. After Sarah had awarded prizes for Cranium from the pile of raggedy old stuff she and Gordon can’t take with them (I got badminton rackets!) we played Jenga. Craig was doing really well, and after we’d played about 10 thousand rounds we moved on to ‘Tonga,’ which involves using kitchen tongs to move the Jenga pieces. (Brilliant! Far better than the original!) Craig finally knocked it over which meant that the game was over and it was time to go home. The end.