Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I copied this idea from a blog I love to read called Chez Larsson. She apparently found it somewhere else (as described in this post). I used to loooove to make surveys in school (I know you Spartans totally remember), and this is kind of like taking one myself! So here is what today is like for me. =)


Outside my window... crows are crowing, little birdies are tweeting, and something is fascinating my adorable kitty. Cars are going by, wind is blowing, and a really annoying dog somewhere is the vicinity is making a bizarre noise (that he makes all the time, btw) that sounds like a hungry/injured sea lion.

I am thinking... that though I am very sleepy I can make it all the way to bedtime and still be my lovely and charming self tonight at dinner with Michele and Jason. Now I'm thinking about how unlikely that actually is. Now I'm thinking about what time would be best for a nap...

I am thankful for... Jess Wetter and her generosity and willingness to help me today with all of my errands (and for just making the world a little bit nicer place to be)! Also for my awesome friends in general. You guys are just really amazing and supportive and nice people. That's why I like you. =)

From the kitchen... cometh nothing at the moment. (Although once upon a time I did make lasagne!) Right now there are some decaying bananas in there just begging to be made into banana bread. I'd better get on that.

I am wearing... moderately clean jeans. I noticed after I put them on that there's a 3"x 3" sticky patch on the front of my left thigh from when I wore them to work the other day and had leaky raspberry jam in my apron pocket, but I had already gone to the effort of putting them on before I realised they were kinda gross, and it was 8 in the morning and I couldn't be bothered changing pants. (Hey, you asked!)

I am creating... more work for myself with every moment I'm alive! How is it that I always seem to have a list longer than my hair of all of the stuff I want and need to do?! I'm always coming up with ideas and plans and schemes and never actually have enough time to do most of them! So many lists... Does anyone else have this tendency? Any advice?

I am going... to the San Juan islands for the first time this weekend! Our good friends Aaron and Vanesha are coming to visit from the UK and we're going for a cycling trip with them and another couple they know in the area. Awesome! =)

I'm reading... a book! I know, I totally can't believe it, either! Right now it's Bee Season by Myla Goldberg. So far, so good. It's about spelling, among other things. I enjoy spelling. =)

I am hoping... that someday I will know the glorious feeling of having an empty email inbox once again. (That doesn't mean I don't want you to write to me. I just want to be able to write back to you without a 4-6 month delay. I'm pretty sure that's reasonable.)

I am hearing... a lovely mix of tunage being spun by my CD changer. So far I have heard Indigo Girls (from their new CD- a vast improvement on the previous one), They Might Be Giants, Cat Empire, The Decemberists, The Clash, Cloud Cult, and something I didn't recognise.

Around the house... chaos and disorder rule the day, but not for long! The time has come for pictures to be hung, shoes to be stashed, laundry to be folded, and kitty fur to be swept away by our new little vaccuum that looks like this.
One of my favorite things... is finding really cool and unique stuff at the thrift store. I freakin' love the thrift store! Just think of all of that stuff that people could have thrown in a landfill that is being found and used and loved by someone new- I just love it! =) Goodwill is reasonably good here, but nothing beats the thrift stores in the ATL! I love Last Chance Thrift Store on Half-Price Monday! =)

A few plans for the rest of the week... Clean house, go pick up car from shop, have nice dinner with friends, clean house, replace spark plug for scooter, work on bike, work, work, meeting at work, clean house...

A picture to share... Here is a picture of some leeks. Thanks for reading! =)


Barbara said...

I want some lasagna!! That looks yummy!

Sarah said...

It was pretty good, but VERY creamy! I put tofu in the blender (with some other stuff) to use as "ricotta." I'm not used to eating such creamy stuff anymore- it was weird! :o