Thursday, July 30, 2009

Death Valley, Washington

A.K.A. Seattle! We are in the middle of some kind of crazy heat wave out here! Today we broke all kind of records around the region - most notably the one where Seattle had never hit a temperature above 100, and today the weather forecasting station near our house recorded a temperature of 105! (That's 40.5 for all of you smarty centigraders out there!) No wonder walking to the post office (6 blocks away) today felt like walking to the sun! Good thing we took smoothies with us on the walk, or we might never have made it home! As you may know, most of us Seattlites don't have air conditioning, so we flock to movie theatres, libraries, and restaurants during these times. The restaurant where I work was insanely busy tonight- so much so that I didn't finish work until an hour after closing because there was so much left to clean up! As I sit writing this, it's 2 in the morning and it's 82 degrees out! What is going on?! The forecast for tomorrow is 99 and sunny, and it doesn't look like it's letting
up any time soon. So if you guys are looking for a tropical beach holiday, this may just be the week to visit us! ;) Here is a picture of Gordon and I being hot. (It's from 3 years ago in Florida. We were almost as hot then!)


Barbara said...

Wow! Two blogs in as many days! Yeah, Girlie!

I'm sorry you're melting, but I'm soooo happy it's not that hot here! Only 73 right now (at 9pm), but about 2,000% humidity. :P

Keep up the good work!

Sarah Bain said...

Sweet Sarah, just reading through old posts, remembering your lovely connection to me through my daughter Grace's backpack collection last year. Did I ever tell you, we got over 40 bags! Wow! And now, another year has rolled around and here I am in Spokane, Wa and now you are so close in Seattle. Congrats, dear love, on that wedding of yours.

Sarah Bain said...

okay, something weird started that last comment. It was 3 year old typing skills next to me. My lovely saving grace--Sawyer!