Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Touched by a Dolphin

Hey- isn't Touched by a Dolphin a tv show on some b-grade tv channel like Pax or something? (Geez, Pax! How many reruns of Mama's Family and Highway to Heaven could there possibly be?!) Well, if it isn't a show, it should be! Touching a dolphin is awesome! =) How do I know, you might ask? Well... After Lake Waikaremoana we headed to Mahia Peninsula, a small peninsula on the east coast of the North Island. The drive to our campsite was gorgeous! I was amazed by how beautiful and turquoise and crystal clear the water was! We got there and the people in the camp office told us that there had been a friendly dolphin swimming around in the bay lately. I was thrilled at the possibility of seeing a dolphin, but tried not to get my hopes up. After setting up camp Gordon and I headed out to the beach, where, as luck would have it, we found the dolphin! =) Her name is Moko, apparently, and she likes to hang out in the bays and play with people. =) It was hard to get any good pictures of her because she was so fast- this is about the best we could do. =) The water where she was playing was quite shallow- about waist-deep, so we waded out to meet her and got to pet her a little! =) She even accidentally whacked me in the hip with her tail as she was swimming by! (Usually I'm not a huge fan of being whacked in the hip by big, grey things, but when it's a dolphin it's okay!) Before we arrived she had been playing with a ball and tossing it around with people, but by the time we got there the guy with the ball had left and she had moved on to playing with sea kayaks. She would get up behind and underneath them and push people around like some kind of crazy outboard dolphin motor! (See photo of nice girl we met named Kyla being motored around. We don't know the kid in the red boat, though I'm sure he's also nice.) Moko seemed to be having a great time and was very gentle with everyone. It's amazing to be able to just go to the beach and play with a dolphin!! I love New Zealand! =) It's so much better to meet animals in the wild than to pay to go on some touristy swimming-with-dolphins boat... (But I would've done that if I'd had to!) Sooo... A month had passed since we'd met Moko when we saw her in the papers! She's a hero! =) She saved some whales who were stranded in the bay! You can read all about it here. She's one cool dolphin, man! =) So now I've met (and played with) a wild dolphin! What could be next... penguins?!?!

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Kass said...

You were molested by a dolphin!?! I knew they were evil! EVIL FISH! That's right bitches, FISH! YOU'RE FISH! You shant be included in the mammal family!